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"Starting a business is hard. I know, I've been trying for the past year! It can be so overwhelming, there is so much to learn, and it's often lonely. This group will eliminate the lonely, make the overwhelm not seem so big, and give you practical teaching and action steps to help you take the next step in your business."
                                             - Jenny Provin (Coach~Consultant~Strategist)

Ladies in biz/ministry...
-->You have been designed to bring value to who you are, what you know, where you've been, how you serve others.

-->You have been designed for community...supporting, encouraging and learning from one another as we serve others for greatest impact, TOGETHER!

Prayerfully consider joining this powerful group of women who desire to start, maintain, and sustain their biz/ministry with God as their CEO...

Jenny Provin, who wrote the opening to this post, is my fellow colleague and sister in Christ who will be serving alongside me as we equip and encourage this precious group of women desiring to serve others via their biz/ministry...

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Below you can watch the informational webinar we gave live December 8, 2020:

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