Coaching Exercises to help you

live aligned to your God-given design for greatest impact

...on your time...

...at your pace...

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Heading Into A New Year

Reflect & Refocus for the New Year

With this guided reflection resource and audio devotional app, you are invited to prayerfully reflect on your past year and consider how God is inviting you to head into the next year with Him...living aligned to your God-given design for greatest impact!

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Goal-Action Planning

Align Your Heart, Align Your Goals

In this fun and relaxing webinar from 2020, I lead you through an exercise, helping you further reflect on your own God-given design and consider how He is inviting you to take forward action...into whatever current year or season is upon you...

...so you may live aligned to your God-given design for greatest impact as you move forward! 

Leave Overwhelm Behind...

"Cast All..Be All" Coaching Exercise


Know someone who is?

Tired of the upheaval & unknown?

Here is a coaching-journey exercise that will help you leave overwhelm behind and the Truth to move you forward!

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The Wheel of Life

Slow Down to Get UN-stuck &

 Move Forward with Clarity 

​This exercise invites you to "slow down" and as you complete this coaching tool, it will help raise your self-awareness allowing you to “Be still…and know God” and yourself as you reflect on what may currently be overwhelming you or keeping you stuck, stressed, anxious and discouraged.


You will further discover your God-given design of life-harmony &  helps you determine next steps.

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Journey to Israel

With Guests Bonna & Nikki

Bonna and Nikki, our virtual "journey" guides, who will...

  • Take us to Israel and, through their sights and insights,

  • Challenge us to realign the longings of our heads & hearts to a DEEPER love, desire and expectation in our own personal journeys with God and His Word!

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I absolutely loved the Goal-Action Planning webinar, that I was able to do last Saturday! It was like a time of rest and sanctuary in my own bedroom! I have reviewed my notes numerous times, and I have encouraged many others to watch the webinar! It was wonderful! Again, God working in and through you, and using you to bear fruit!

Emily Knudsen