Coaching Training

& Development


Training Cohorts

Online work meeting

Every participant of a COACH Model training Cohort receives a unique passcode to special access to further COACH Model:

  • recordings,

  • downloadable resources,

  • links,

  • free sessions &

  • other opportunities

             ...for coaching review, growth & practice!

Online, On-Demand

School of Coaching


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5 classes, Online, On-demand, at-your-own-pace coaching training for ongoing coaching skills growth, practice and development:​

  • Narrative Coaching,

  • The Wheel Tool,

  • Limiting Beliefs,

  • Curiosity mindsets and skills,

  • Exploratory Coaching skills/mindsets​

*Pre-requisite: Have attended 3-Day or 8-day Online or Onsite COACH Model Workshop 

2-hr COACH Model

Training Session*


*For 22-hour COACH Model Workshop enrolled trainees only. Book your sessions until all 22 hours of training is completed. Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders Certificate given upon completion!

Note: To enroll in The COACH Model Workshop Training, please scroll down to "Coach Training/ Development Packages" listed below...




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Join a year-long, once-a-month community who come together for the intentional purpose of practicing The COACH Model coaching skills and receiving feedback!

~~Plus quarterly "Group-coaching" opportunities!~~

Coaching Resources

$ Varies

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Gain access to some basic coaching tools and resources that will help you effectively integrate coaching into your present roles and ministries!




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* Only for those enrolled in my online ON-DEMAND Coaching Skills Development Course have the opportunity to practice implementing the coaching skill/tool they just learned by coaching Tami, one on one, and receive "real-time" feedback.

The COACH Model Workshop for Christian Leaders

$ Varies 


After the 3-day intensive workshop you will be able to:

  • Listen actively so others feel understood.

  • Ask powerful questions that initiate a change of thinking.

  • Generate feedback that avoids defensiveness.

  • Design action steps that will actually be accomplished.

  • Follow-up to increase learning and accountability.

In addition, the program will cover:

  • Naturally using the COACH Model®.

  • Adopting the mindsets of transformational leaders.

  • How to integrate coaching skills into your leadership roles.

Customize Your Own Coaching Training to Fit Your Group's Needs

$ Varies

Study group

Whether your group coaching training is...

  • small or large or the training

  • onsite or virtual via Zoom

  • 90-minute to 4-hours or all-day,

  • one day or multiple days...

      ...the Full 22-hour COACH Model Workshop training is available to be tailored multiple ways to fit the needs of your group!

It is my privilege to work alongside you in creating the most beneficial coaching training for your particular team and season of ministry.