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Let God pour in...

...so we can Go Deep...

Welcome to the place where women

with a heart for ministry


to GO DEEP fast

so we can live aligned to our

God-given design

for greatest impact!

Being a Head2Heart Onward Site Member will allow your head and heart a place to drink in and inhale God's Truth and His work in your life alongside other women of kindred hearts! 

Head2Heart Onward Site Members have the opportunity

to connect and engage with one another through

the Head2Heart Online member Blog/Vlog page.


Woman of God, you are His


designed by Him as "one of a kind,"

to reflect Him to others

as you live aligned to the design

He has given you!

Nothing more, and nothing less.

You are invited to drink of such "sacred" space

by your vulnerable sharing of, and willing reception to, 

God's ongoing, transforming, life-giving work in each of our lives!

All so we can live aligned to

our God-given design

     for greatest impact! 


Become a Head2Heart Online Site Member today!

A Special Word to YOU...

from Site Member,

Jennifer Carter...

"You owe yourself a 'God-encounter.'
You owe yourself some self-care..."

When I first came to Tami and approached her about life-coaching, I was an overwhelmed, stay-at-home-mom in "survival mode." I felt like I was "doing a lot, but failing everybody, especially my family." I desperately wanted Tami to "fix me." Guess what? She can't do that, but what she can do is...


Being a Head2Heart
mber includes...

Your "About" Page


Your Member Account includes an About page where members can describe themselves.

They also have the following tabs:

  • Settings

  • Notifications 

  • Blog Comments

  • Blog Likes

  • Blog Posts (visible to members with writing privileges)

  • My Drafts (visible to members with writing privileges)

Your Private "My Account" Page


After signing up, members can log in and out using the login button. 


Once logged in, each member has a private "My Account" page where they can add their personal details.


This page can only be seen by the logged in member.

Your own "My Bookings" Page


Having a member account includes a "My Bookings" page.

In the My Bookings page, clients can:

  • Quickly re-book a new session without re-entering their details

  • Cancel an upcoming booking

  • Reschedule an upcoming booking 

  • Check the time, location, and payment details of a past or upcoming booking

Temporary blog writing privileges on the Head2Heart Online Blog Page

To receive temporary writing privileges, simply email me at tami@head2heartonward.com

when you have your own inspirational blog post written and ready to share with other Head2Heart Members who will, in turn, comment and encourage us all to live aligned to our God-given design for greatest lasting impact!


*Note: Blog writing and posting are not required for Head2Heart Online membership

Exclusive Offers & Invitations!

Being a Head2Heart member also gives you other exclusive offers and special invitations helping you live aligned to your God-given design!

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