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Another way I serve my clients outside their individual coaching-journey sessions, is by inviting them to join the journey with others with a deeper level of Head2Heart encouragement and accountability by becoming a Head2Heart Member

Head2Heart Membership gives you the opportunity to connect and engage with other Head2Heart Members on the journey to live aligned to their God-given design for greatest gospel impact!

Also, being a member allows you special access to "members only" pages, services and exclusive offers.

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5-Month Coaching Training Teleclass

NOTE: Prerequisite for attending this tele-class is to have attended and fully completed the LIVE COACH Model Coaching Workshop (either online or onsite)


The objective of this once-a-month, 5-month commitment, is to allow for continued coaching-skills growth, development and accountability as you further integrate new coaching skills and tools into your present roles and ministries.

Classes include:

  • Deeper training and challenging in coaching skills,

  • Individual practice, group discussion/feedback,

  • Learning to better navigate and use Zoom for coaching conversations

  • Exclusive access to effective coaching tools/resources that will further enhance your coaching conversations!


(Minimum number of participants: 6)

The 5 Tele-class Topics:

Head2Heart Onward 


Reflective-Action Exercises

to help you

live aligned to your God-given design for greatest impact

...on your time...

...at your pace...

Align Your Heart

Align Your Year

Goal-Action Planning for 2020

God, in His Word, tells us in Ephesians 2:10 that we are His "masterpiece." Just as individual snowflakes are a "one-of-a-kind" display of snow, we, too, are God's created, "one-of-a-kind" display of the Great God of the Universe! And in His Eternal GREATNESS, He has designed you and me in such a unique way, with our personality, strengths, passions, gifts, and experiences, to display a facet of Him that no one else can. WOW!

In this webinar, I lead you through an exercise, helping you further reflect on your own God-given design and consider how He is inviting you to take action...

...so you may live aligned to your God-given design for greatest impact as you head into year 2020! 

I absolutely loved the webinar, that I was able to do last Saturday! It was like a time of rest and sanctuary in my own bedroom! I have reviewed my notes numerous times, and I have encouraged many others to watch the webinar! It was wonderful! Again, God working in and through you, and using you to bear fruit!

Emily Knudsen