Come, Align to Our God-given Design for Celebration

God is not dependent upon the approval of men...

(How astounded, highly praised, highly followed, highly liked, highly spoken of)

...therefore, neither have I been designed for this.

(How praised I am before others, how thanked I am for my “service”, how followed I am on FB, how “liked” I am on Instagram,...)

Lk 10:20 (MSG)

”All the same,

the GREAT celebration

is not in your authority over evil,...”

(Not in my godly good works, abilities, accomplishments, mission endeavors, nor even in my personal spiritual victories & growth)

Say what?!?!

Granted, these are such awesome God-things; but,

God implores us to

preeminently & emphatically

live out/declare the following All-encompassing Truth:

God's sovereign authority OVER you


His steadfast presence WITH you.

Not what you do for God

but what God promised He has done, does and will do for you—

—> My name is written in Heaven! <—

This is the true cause for our celebrating anything good we may accomplish each day!

This is our God-given design for celebrating!

“Don’t celebrate because evil spirits obey you; celebrate because your names are registered in Heaven.” Luke 10:20 (NLT)

Align to His Design.

In Jesus’ name & for His name, Amen.


Now...Let’s hear from our Head2Heart Member Circle...that‘s you sister!

How might the Gospel have greater impact in & around our lives if we personally aligned our naturally-inclined “design” for celebration (focus: on ourselves & what we do for God) to our God-given, supernaturally-empowered design for celebration (focus: on God & what He does for us?)

How would consistently living aligned to this God-given design give rise to a ripple-effect of True & Satisfying Transformation to those in our sphere of influence?

How would living aligned to this God-given design powerfully transform...

...our motivations?

...our daily agendas?

...our response to the praise others give us?

...our response to others receiving praise?

...our present reverence & fear of our God?

...our expectations on ourselves?

...our expectations of others?


What is God surfacing in your heart that He is inviting you to confess and align to His Design in this area of Celebration?

What specifically will be your next step today?

Come, share your Head2Heart Onward thoughts in the comments below. In Jesus name. Amen!

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